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We are currently looking for doctors, dentists and optometrists. As one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal is faced with many factors that threaten the livelihood of its citizens, primarily its children. Located in the Himalayas and neighboring Indiana, the most imminent threat to its children is child trafficking and child labor, in addition to their destitute living conditions. Though a naturally and spiritually enchanting country, Nepals many children are in great need.


Culture Shock Nepal is a bright and vibrant country, which has experienced a very turbulent past. Encounter the Hindu and Buddhist religions and a multitude of ethnic languages.

Physical demands Expect walking, heat and the occasional long bumpy bus ride.

Food and Drink Local Asian fare is dominant and worth a try!

Accommodations Volunteers stay in truly unique guesthouses.

Volunteer Work Volunteers will be working at local orphanages directly interacting with the child through arts and crafts, educational modules, and recreational activities.

Other Information

Malaria prophylaxis is necessary

For travel health information, please visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gove/travel or consult with your personal physician.

Documents Needed: Passport


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Trip Leader

Khone Saysana

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