“As a leader, we strive to inspire you to believe in the things that matter: faith, community, family, self, education and hard work.”

Project Kids Network is a 501(c)3 that works with various student, church, leadership and corporate groups to create sustainable change for children and communities worldwide through project collaboration, advocacy, cultural exchange and immersion, and leadership development.

We strive to enrich the lives of children by inspiring them to learn, grow, discover, and positively impact their world through innovative efforts that increase access to education, medical, health and community development resources.

We engage volunteer travelers and influence leadership long-term through the development of PKN Chapters, raising funds for sustainable programs, collecting in-kind donations, and traveling with a purpose.

Community Collaboration Whether we are building a school in Kenya, performing health screenings for children in Belize or supplying vitamins to the orphans in Peru, PKN is always seeking projects that create a sustainable impact on the communities in which we serve.

Advocacy Our student led college chapters are bringing awareness of local and global issues to fellow peers and faculty on campus everyday through service projects and fundraising.

Cultural exchange  PKN works with student and corporate groups along with university departments to create a custom, innovative international volunteer experience that provides exposure to other cultures while heightening their skills within their current field of study/work.

Leadership Development  PKN works within the communities to support and develop leaders in hopes of making the greatest and long term impact in every program. We provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in community driven projects, educational and enrichment programs at local orphanages, schools, and rescue centers throughout the world.

Community Collaboration


Cultural Exchange

Cultural Immersion

Leadership Development